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about ​me!

I believe every student learns differently and that’s great and hope I can help them ​learn and grow.

I love learning languages and teaching Spanish! I have played the piano since I was ​eight years old and also taught Music for 14 years; as well as being a member of ​several music groups as a singer and musician. Being and Music teacher had me ​heavily involved with all the class plays, set design, directing the school’s choir/glee ​club and drama club as well as other events and programs the school put on. I love ​to paint as a hobby and love teaching it also.

I had 12 year career in Education working in a brick and mortar school. I have spent ​each of my years teaching from preschool to high school students. I received my ​higher education from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Modern ​Languages. I am also certified in Translation and Interpretation.

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